Art Glass In Your Home Or Business

Art Glass Pacific Northwest is an artist collective of design and fine artists as well as glass, metal smiths and craftsman located in the beautiful and inspiring Pacific Northwest. Our glass artists are creating more minimal styles and embracing the natural texture and grain of stain glass to create contemporary patterns and designs.  Whether they hang on the wall, against a window, in the corner of a doorway or get installed in a window frame, these new designs are continuing the tradition of stained glass in a whole new way. Contact us to discuss how we can build your work of light.

My newest window in progress.

Our contemporary artists put a modern twist on medieval techniques creating striking three-dimensional structures that transform entire environments with dazzling, abstract beams of light and color.

For many of our clients, a design holds meaning that they want to memorialize in light. In the case of the pomegranate lamp, our client wanted to capture the myth of Persephone in a bedroom lamp.

I’m sure this example of a Police Box looks familiar. With a fan base as large as it has, it must be. This is the firsts project that I made with my son. It was so enjoyable and we learned so much. We’re ready to build another one with differing lighting options, and choices for size. Let us know what you wish. Even one that who’s inside looks bigger than the outside.

Stained Glass Projects

Occasionally a design is whimsical, like this green dragon one our artist made for his studio. This is a good example of using the texture of the glass to convey the design, such as scales and leathery wings.

Another whimsical design based on the Game of Thrones Kraken sigil. Designed to invoke the mystery and excitement of the Game of Throne’s Universe.

The lighting behind any window shows a new perspective of the piece. This view of the Kracken shows the oily sheen from the iridescent glass, representing night and the oil lanterns shining on the creature.
The lighting behind any window shows a new perspective of the piece. This view of the Kracken shows the oily sheen from the iridescent glass, representing night and the oil lanterns shining on the creature.

A design can also invoke a feeling or emotion, in this case a feeling of peaceful and serenity.

The Danish heart Christmas ornaments were cut paper or pleated paper said to be created by Hans Christian Andersen . The woven pattern is representing the contentedness between two or more people. I made these many Danish hearts for my dearest friend and for a few in her Danish community.

Stained glass finds its way throughout the home and can be used year after year to bring festive joy to your home or yard as in the case of the dragonfly below or the hearts and owl above.

Bringing Light To A Corporate Image

Creating A Window For The Heirloom Cookshop
When our artist Hannah set out to recreate the Heirloom Cook Shop logo in glass she wanted to preserve the three dimensionality of the tomato leaf.
The result, is beautiful and effective in conveying the image of The Heirloom Cookshop
The owner could not be happier.

How Do We Bring Your Ideas to Light?

First we listen. What do you want to feel when you see your art glass, where will it be displayed? Being prepared makes all the difference! Invest some time and energy looking online or in magazines. The more you have with you to portray what you are envisioning, the better. Then begins the research, idea drawing, concept creation and listening to you, the client are all part of it. What does the procedure really look like? Here is an example of this beautiful thistle design by Lisa.

The thistle is inspired by our clients Love of Scotland. Created on consignment for a friend who wanted to have a symbolic account of her beloved home while away from home.

Sometimes Many variations are hand drawn until we are satisfied with the desired imagery.
Lisa began to bring several color schemes together. As the colors complimented one another she continues until the look feels right.
As Lisa continued cutting she found she didn’t like the look of the stem and the negative spaces. So back to the drawing board.
Lisa completed some of the major cutting, set those pieces aside and redrew the stem.
This felt right, it gave the Thistle a bit more character
A very good feeling to see the pieces fitting together before applying the copper foil to each individual piece.
One very important aspect of building a window is the copper foil technique.  Care is taken to apply the copper in a balanced and straight manner to ensure continuous lines exist between pieces. The lines can be a integral part of the art or they can disappear into the background, depending on the desired effect.
Completed copper foil
This smile says it all.  Thank You Angela for the inspiration

These Tiny Houses are a favorite for all. Plant succulents or cactus and display in the window with sun shining through. They bring warmth to any living space.

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